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this group is created for people who has interest in the emo genre. this group is also open on other genres.
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R U L E S : Very Happy *READ before POSTiNG. *GAiN 50 posts. *BE ACTiVE & NO SPAMMiNG.  *RESPECT, SOCiALiZE, PARTiCiPATE, ENJOY! Very Happy

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 FORUM RULES [Update if needed]

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PostSubject: FORUM RULES [Update if needed]   Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:29 pm

WELCOME TO Philippine Emo Scene Online Society (PESOS)Very Happy

What makes PESOS Different from other groups? Well . Members here are very Active at lots of stuff, We don't just Educate people about the SCENE and the GENRE, We also Focus on almost every Aspect of life. why join a group with just text mates and pure Blabbing, if you can be educated while having a good time and Partying while Learning? Sounds FUN right? How much more if you're already part of the family?

Anyways, We do have a set of rules to follow. please review first :

* 0. English is the main Language Used here .. Please avoid speaking tagalog in any of the categories .(except regionals and Journals)

~This is not yet implemented but i will be setting a date for this rule.

* 1. Use your common sense.
(You already know the point of this.)

* 2. No spamming , Avoid being off-topic.

* 3. Avoid using any foul and offensive words, ALL CAPS, sTiCkY cApS when posting.

* 4. No flamming in any form.
(It's what you people call, BASHING)

* 5. No nudity and offensive content in any post including signatures and avatars.

* 6. No other forum/site promotion posts.

* 7. The usage of multiple accounts is not allowed.
(This includes using EGO accounts or fake accounts, if found and proven guilty of the offense, 1 account will be banned, and the original will get a warning.)

* 8. Multiple threads and posts with no purpose or clear direction are not allowed and will be considered as spam.
(and of course will be deleted immediately depending on how heavy the offense is.)

* 9. Use descriptive title/subject for a new thread and post it on the right forum/category. Do some search before posting a new thread, to avoid thread duplication.

* 10. Signatures. Don't use more than one banner. Don't make it excessive and annoying. Maximum image height for signature is 200 px. No audio or video allowed. We have the right to edit or remove objectionable signature.

Above all :


Pls report to the Moderators those who are not abiding the rules .

So what are you waitin' for ?

Be Active, Be Unique , Be one of us .


Live your life to the fullest...
Because no one ever said that life was gonna be fair.

I prefer to love you in silence, for in silence, i feel no rejection...
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PostSubject: Re: FORUM RULES [Update if needed]   Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:54 pm

RESPECT lang po para sa lahat.

and please please PLEASE!!


*minimum of 50 posts required for every new registered members

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PostSubject: Re: FORUM RULES [Update if needed]   Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:47 pm

i dont get it.
but gagamitin ko ang comonsens ko.
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PostSubject: Re: FORUM RULES [Update if needed]   

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FORUM RULES [Update if needed]
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